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Runtime Classes Loading/ Dex 65536 Problem Resolving Unity3D

Important Note: Minimum Android API level for this method is 14.

Dex Preparation

Copy all libraries (classes) that you want include to *.dex to some folder, name it as you want, place it in some folder.

Run console

Important note: %ANDROID_SDK_PATH%\build-tools\%VERSION% must be added to system path variable in other case please use full path to dx/dx.bat file.

For Windows run following commands in cmd/Cygwin:

$ cd “path/to/your/folder” $ dx.bat --dex --output=classes.dex .

For OS X run following commands in console:

$ cd “path/to/your/folder” $ dx --dex --output=classes.dex .

This will generate classes.dex in the same folder.

Unity3D Usage

Download LoadDex.unitypackage.

Open Plugin and export all assets to your project.

Copy your generated classes.dex to android assets folder in your project (means: “ %your_project%/assets/plugins/android\assets”), create this folder if it is missing.

Find the script that loads first of all, or create new and assign it to splash_screen/first_scene.

Add following line to your Awake or Start method:


Thats all, now you can use your code as usual.

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