Appodeal Success Stories


Cube Escape: The Cave

by Rusty Lake
Interview: The Hidden Secret of Building A Cult Following to Monetization


by Topface
Finding a Balance Between Direct Ads, Networks, and IAPs: An Experiment


by Fat Chicken Studios
How Charades! Flipped a 50% Decrease in Ad Revenue to a 60% Increase

Social Casino Games

by KamaGames
Rewarded Video as a Cross-Sell Channel: An Experiment

100 Doors of Revenge

Yes, It Is Possible to Boost Both Ad Revenue 
AND User Experience

Ghost Town Adventures

by Webgames
How Video Advertising Affects Payments & LTV: An Experiment


by BPMobile
Sometimes Higher Ad Revenue Just Isn’t Good Enough

Scopa Più

by Spaghetti Interactive
Ad Monetization: Once A Painfully Boring Task, Now (Almost) A Pleasant One

Educational Games for Kids

by Edujoy
How an Educational Game Publisher
Saved Time, 
Earned Higher eCPM, and 
Complied with COPPA 

All at Once


by Filterra
Promises of Stellar eCPM are Useless without High Fill Rate

Tube Player

by Work4Mob
Tripled Ad Revenue AND Immediate Payout? Yes, Please!

Weather & Clock Widget

How a Top 40 App (50M+ downloads) Increased Its Ad Revenue by 53%

Town Jump

by StoneFalcon
How A Team of Four Found Gaming Success

Super Oscar

What A Mobile Game Developer Discovered After Switching to Appodeal