Smarter A/B Tested Monetization

Data-Driven Optimal Balance of Ad Revenue and User Experience


Create Unique Ad Experiences for User Segments

With Segments, you can separate your audiences with shared criteria or randomly and A/B test different ad strategies on real traffic to discover the one that works best for each user segments.


No More Guessing Where To Place Ads

Use Placements to A/B test different ad impressions at different moments or locations within your app to find the ones with optimal results.


Complete Monetization Controls

Manual Prioritization of Ad Networks


Paying vs Non-Paying Users' Ad Experiences


Geolocation Based Price Floors


Traffic Source Ad Control


Explore More Powerful Segments & Placements Use Cases

A/B Test Because You Never Know Unless You Test.

  • Higher Ad Revenue
  • Greater User Experience
  • More 5-Star Reviews

Start A/B Testing in 3 Easy Steps


Select a Portion of Your Users as The Testing User Segment

In addition a percentage of your users, you can also use filters to create quick segments:

  • Paying vs Non-Paying Users
  • Session Time
  • Country, Gender, Age and Much More

Adjust The Settings You Want to Test for This Segment

  • Reward amount for rewarded video
  • Ads off for particular placement
  • Ad frequency and intervals
  • Minimal price floor
  • And more

Compare and Analyze A/B Testing Results

Apply the winning placements as your new default for your user segment, start another A/B test and repeat!

Check out our blog post for more insights on A/B testing using Segments and Placements

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Ready to Monetize Together?