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Premium Support

Dedicated engineering hours and support
Option for a developer to be sent to your office to ensure a successful monetization setup
Dedicated ongoing account management

SDK Customization

Integration with additional ad networks, ad mediations, and publisher’s own ad exchanges
Connection to ad networks under publisher’s own accounts
Customizations by request based on app

Ad Revenue Attribution Data

Know exactly the ROI and the LTV of your users from in-app advertising
API exportable data to sync with your attribution tool for smarter data-driven user acquisition

Even More Flexible Payout Options

Custom flat mediation fee
(For publishers with own connected accounts to and direct payouts from ad networks)
Reduced revshare
(For publishers using Appodeal’s connected accounts to ad networks)

Exclusive Partnership Deals

Line of credit for user acquisition
Preferential ad network boost deals
Guaranteed revenue increase
Safeguard against any losses

Looking for an even more customizable ad mediation solution?

Or to monetize apps under your own company’s name?

Check out our White Label solution.


Demand Control Center

Take Full Steer Control To Monetize Your Way

  • Direct Ad Networks Relationships Management
  • Flexible Waterfall and Ad Units Control

Unicorn 3D

#1 Free Game

“Appodeal turned out to be more than just an ad mediation platform. It is a flexible and smart monetization solution that not only allow us to implement a hybrid monetization model, their partnership also helped us get an exclusive deal with an ad network and monetize our entire inventory.”

CEO of AppsYouLove

Choose the Right Plan for You
Over 60 Ad Demand Sources
All Major Mobile Ad Formats
Unbiased Ad Mediation
Global Monetization
Publishers First Optimization Solutions
Ad Server
Segments & Placements
Analytics Dashboard
Net-30 Payout Terms
Aggregated Payouts from Ad Networks
Cryptocurrencies Payout Options
On-Demand Advanced Payout
24/7 Integration Support
Dedicated Engineering Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Customizable SDK
Demand Control Center
Direct Accounts with Ad Networks Option
Direct Payouts from Ad Networks Option
Ad Revenue Attribution Data
Exclusive Partnership Deals
Pricing & Eligibility
Fee 10% Mediation Fee Custom Pricing
Billing Deducted Automatically Invoiced Periodically
Minimum DAU Requirement None 50,000
Minimum Ad Revenue Requirement None $300,000 Monthly
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is support different between the two plans?

Both plans include 24/7 integration support but the Premium Plan takes support to another level. Premium members should expect first priority support as well as deeper integration support that ensures our platform fits your app’s requirements to monetize.

What kind of customization does the Premium Plan include?

With the Premium Plan, publishers have the options to customize the SDK by adding more ad networks, ad exchanges, DSPs, and even other ad mediations that are not already included in Appodeal’s demand stack. We can also connect your own accounts with the demand sources instead of using Appodeal’s.

Based on the specific needs of your app, our engineering team can also explore and develop customized features.

What is the benefit of connecting directly with the ad networks under the Premium Plan?

Some publishers prefer to maintain direct relationships with ad networks if they have a special deal with them. With the Premium Plan, publishers can keep their relationship and continue to receive payouts directly from the ad networks. In this scenario, instead of deducting the mediation fee automatically, Appodeal would invoice the fee to the publisher.

Who is eligible for Premium Plan?

It depends on the publisher. Generally, we require a minimum of 50,000 DAU in addition to a monthly managed ad revenue of $300,000 for a publisher to be eligible for the Premium Plan. To see if you qualify, please contact us.

What is the cost of the Premium Plan?

It all depends on the customization requirements of the publisher. For minimal customization, the fee is on par with the Standard Plan’s fee of 10%.

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