Parallel Bidding

The Header Bidding Solution For Mobile Apps Has Arrived

Why Publishers Need Parallel Bidding

Parallel Bidding is a revolutionary technology that gets you the highest paying ads in real-time

Boost Earnings

Due to the increased real-time competition

1st Price Auction

Enabled with up-to-date ad demand sources’ data

Reduced Latency

From server-side requests


Of ad monetization management

Optimized Ad Fills

As ad networks learn publisher’s inventory better

First Results!

A participating app got promising first results with Parallel Bidding in just a couple of months.

Read more about the publisher’s performance and ad network’s behavior in our report.

“As we keep seeing the performance improvement, I believe Parallel Bidding can be a game changer.“


Erol Nahmias
Fugo Games, Appodeal’s Client

All About Parallel Bidding

Eager to learn more about the technology? We’ve got you covered.

Q & A with Appodeal’s Director of Product

Andrew Fliak

Evolution of Parallel Bidding

Among those who use in-app header bidding, 36% said their revenue increased as a result, while 49% expect to see revenue gains over the next 12 months. Data & Programmatic Insider

It sounds like the industry is running with the feature name of ‘parallel bidding’ when it comes to in-app unified auctions, expect to hear this term a lot over the next 12 to 24 months. The Drum

The potential impact of implementing header bidding in mobile app ecosystems could be tremendous. App Developer Magazine

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