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Parallel Bidding

The Header Bidding Solution For Mobile In-App Advertising Is Finally Here


More Transparency and Ad Impression Competition


Higher eCPM for Publishers


Significantly Faster Ad Delivery


Advances from the Traditional Waterfall Models



Appodeal sends out ad request to demand sources simultaneously on the server side


With parallel bidding enabled, Ad Network A increases bids in real-time


Ad network A wins the impression with a higher eCPM of $8.00

Parallel Bidding is Currently in Testing Stage

100% Unbiased Ad Mediation.

No Less.

Earn Optimal Ad Revenue With Flat Waterfall Solution

  • Each ad competes in an unified auction for each impression
  • More efficient bidding where highest earning ads always get served first
  • Higher overall ad revenue for publishers

Overcome Second-Price Auctions With Dynamic Price Floors 

  • Publishers earn closer to the top bid per ad impression
  • Revenue no longer limited to the 2nd highest bid


Best App of the Week

After Appodeal, our eCPM increased significantly, and fillrate even doubled! Appodeal is a useful and efficient monetization tool: one SDK, a lot of ad networks, flexible payouts and perfect support.

Michael Shagin
Co-Founder & Developer at FIFTYTWO

Maximize Earning Potential Of Your Entire Ad Inventory With Tiered Ad Placements

  • Different user traffics gets grouped into different earning tiers
  • Higher valued traffic is grouped as a premium tier where higher earning advertisers compete for the impression
  • Lower earning advertisers compete for lower valued traffic with higher frequency to increase impressions volume

Minimize Ad Loading Time With Advanced Pre-Caching

  • Maintain smooth user experience
  • Opportunity for advertisers to place a higher last-second bid for an impression

Quality Assured SDK


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Ready to Monetize with the Latest
Optimization Technology?

Ready to Monetize with the Latest Optimization Technology?