Enhance by FGL to Feature Appodeal Support

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27th October 2016

App Creators Can Build In-App Ad Mediation Directly into Products;

Apps are Immediately Ready for Maximum Monetization

SAN FRANCISCO, October 27, 2016 – Appodeal, a leader in programmatic ad mediation for mobile apps, announced today that Enhance™ by FGL, a leading platform for quickly and easily integrating third-party services into mobile apps, now features Appodeal support. This will enable app creators to bring to market products that are already optimized for ad-driven revenues, with absolutely no additional code work required.

“Appodeal has always been focused on making it as quick and easy as possible for app creators to add their services. On its own, Appodeal’s SDK is only ten lines of code and takes less than an hour for most app creators to add,” says Chris Hughes, Co-founder and CEO of FGL. “However, this new integration brings this speed and convenience to a new level. Since integration now takes mere minutes, developers can keep their focus on their core creative efforts and still bring to market apps that are automatically prepared to make the most money possible, in the fastest manner, through ads.”

“In-app advertising is a great way for app creators to generate revenues, particularly from their free apps. But it often takes several months for developers to recoup the expenses that went into creating the app,” says Pavel Golubev, CEO, Appodeal. “To protect their businesses, it is critical to reduce time-to-revenue. Enhance’s support for Appodeal directly addresses this market need – creating mobile apps that are designed for the maximum, most timely in-app ad revenue generation, right from the start.”

Enhance works by allowing developers to inject SDK code into their already compiled iOS and Android apps. App creators can upload their compiled app files to Enhance, which then determines where code can be injected to add a variety of services, such as Appodeal’s in-app ad mediation, other ad services, crash reporting and analytics.

Appodeal is a supply-side platform (SSP) that supports real-time bidding and serves the highest-paying ads to app publishers, with a nearly 100 percent fill rate. Going a step further than many other SSPs, Appodeal intelligently optimizes inventories within the same app, creating multiple tiers for these inventories, dynamically setting floor prices and optimizing the price for each impression.

In addition, because many app publishers do not have technical means to connect with advertisers and ad networks directly, they have come to rely on an increasingly complex ecosystem of partners. However, this very network – which is supposed to help them – actually results in a convoluted payment process that often cuts into revenues, while delaying payments. For app publishers, “net 30” agreements often turn into “net 90” or more.

To address this, Appodeal takes a unique approach – actually “fronting” money in order to ensure that app publishers get paid on-time, and in the currency of their choice, versus paying publishers only after they receive payment from advertisers and other demand partners themselves. This, combined with the Enhance integration, make Appodeal an incredibly powerful solution for speeding time-to-revenue.

About Appodeal

Appodeal is a rapidly growing ad-tech startup with HQ in San-Francisco and offices in Russia and Spain. Designed for publishers by publishers, Appodeal increases revenue through an established marketplace where ad networks compete against each other in real-time for every ad impression.

About FGL

FGL makes mobile apps successful. FGL’s deep experience working with tens of thousands of mobile developers and publishers provides them with unparalleled insight in marketing and monetizing mobile apps. And with the patented FGL Enhance™ platform, developers can implement and manage the best third party services for an app with no need to integrate an SDK.

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