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21st June 2017

San Francisco, June 21st, 2017

Corona Labs, the creators of a cross-platform app development platform, is happy to announce that the framework will become completely free for app developers starting June 22nd, 2017.

Until now, the Corona development platform existed in two versions: a free core product named Corona SDK and an additional paid option named Corona Enterprise. The Enterprise version allowed developers to use native libraries in their apps in exchange for an annual license fee. Starting June 22nd, when developers download Corona, they will get a combined package that includes both the core product and the native-based product (formerly Corona Enterprise).

“We made our core product free for everyone because we believe that app developers need more opportunities to develop mobile games of high quality.” – says Stepan Solovyov, Corona Labs CEO. “With this step, we offer every programmer an opportunity to create fast, lightweight, user-friendly mobile applications for free. You can build and add your own plugins if you wish, or you can continue to use our fantastic suite of ready-to-go plugins, saving you critical time in your development process, but the core functions including cross-platform live builds and native libraries are free of charge.”

Corona Labs has removed all revenue sharing requirements and revenue limits from the native development platform. Instead, native builds will now include a splash screen which is a common practice among mobile app frameworks. For those developers who wish to customize or omit the splash screen, a paid plugin provides the capability.

Corona Labs is also now offering premium support plans. Many people can build successful games simply using the official learning resources, or turn to the Corona community forums when they need help, but when they need to go deeper, the company’s new premium support plans will give developers access to unique features like private channels in Slack, prioritized feature requests, and more.

“When Appodeal acquired Corona, we promised to make it as transparent and open to our community as we can.” – adds Solovyov. “Making it completely free is the first, but a very significant step.”

About Corona Labs
Corona Labs was formed in 2009 by two former Adobe engineers with the goal of building an easy to use, cross-platform mobile development platform. In March 2017, Corona Labs Inc. was acquired by Appodeal, a leading ad mediation platform for mobile applications. Today Corona boasts more than 1000 API calls to aid developers in creating mobile, desktop, and TV apps. In addition, the Corona Marketplace offers 150+ plugins and 300+ ready-to-go assets for app developers to use.

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