Ad mediation service Appodeal launches its own ad exchange AppodealX

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8th June 2017

San Francisco, June 7th, 2017

Appodeal, an intelligent ad mediation service for mobile developers, is approaching programmatic market and launching its own ad exchange — AppodealX. The new product allows Appodeal to work with DSPs (demand side platforms) directly and provide app developers with premium advertisment offered by more than 100 demand sources.

The ad exchange is a platform which maintains ad impressions for bids. It offers impressions for sale within an app, takes bids from the DSP side and chooses the winner. In consequence to direct processes connected to DSP, the ad exchange diminishes the number of agents between advertisers and apps. Therefore, thanks to AppodealX developers will increase their revenue from ads.

AppodealX will run a race for impressions alongside other Appodeal’s partners: in a real-time auction. Simultaneously, premium advertisers will have an opportunity to buy more expensive impressions by utilizing the ad exchange platform.

“We are launching a complicated, high-loaded product” — says Pavel Golubev, CEO and founder of Appodeal. “Our own ad exchange allows us not only to double the number of partners but also offer the developers more flexible ad settings. In AppodealX we watch over the display rate to avoid unpaid impressions. We’re also bringing in predictive technologies and allowing the devs to block some ad categories. To put it simply, it’s another step further in making the ad industry transparent and handy for app developers.”

As part of the Appodeal ecosystem, AppodealX works directly through the server. The size of the SDK that the publishers embed in an app stays the same but the number of ad sources grows several times, from 35 to 100 and more. Again, the very own ad exchange allows adding new demand sources fast, without any update or increasing the SDK size.

Currently AppodealX is in softlaunch stage and handles 1.2 billion auctions daily. Appodeal’s next move will be increasing the ad volumes via niche ad networks and DPSs from emerging regions. The ad exchange is available to all mobile app developers using Appodeal SDK 2.0 by default.

About Appodeal
Appodeal is an intelligent ad mediation solution for mobile developers. Appodeal boosts the ad revenue of more than 25,000 mobile apps through AI driven ad optimization solutions.

Designed for publishers by publishers, Appodeal takes care of the revenue stream through an automated marketplace where ad networks and other demand sources compete against each other in real-time auction for every ad impression. With just one SDK integration, a mobile app gains access to over 35 premium ad demand sources competing for its ad impressions worldwide with all major mobile ad formats available at your fingertips.

In a mobile ad industry built for advertisers, Appodeal puts app publishers first, the way it should be.

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