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Announcing SDK 2.4.0 with Parallel Bidding

The groundbreaking technology everyone’s talking about, is now an organic part of the latest beta of Appodeal SDK.

Parallel Bidding, the groundbreaking technology everyone’s talking about is now an organic part of the latest beta of Appodeal SDK. The solution will be automatically available for all Appodeal users who update their SDK to version 2.4.0.

Parallel Bidding, also known as in-app header bidding, goes way beyond the waterfall model — it provides the highest paying ad among all demand partners in real-time, unveiling further revenue horizons. This technology makes it possible for all ad demand sources, including both programmatic and traditional, to compete for the publishers’ inventory side-by-side, effectively flattening the waterfall. Currently, the integration of our demand partners is available via Open RTB, API call, and JS-tags.

In addition, Parallel Bidding reduces latency and speeds up the ad delivery process. Ad requests and auctions are processed on the server’s side, therefore, devices no longer need to run consecutive client-side ad requests.

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Parallel Bidding is enabled for static/video Interstitials, rewarded video, and banners. As for integrated partners, besides a few trusted ad networks, Appodeal Exchange also takes part in Parallel Bidding, replenishing the auction by granting access to more than 60 DSP.

?Download SDK 2.4 for iOS ObjC

?Download SDK 2.4 for iOS Swift

?Download SDK 2.4 for Android

?Download SDK 2.4 for Unity

?Download SDK 2.4 for Corona

We believe that Parallel Bidding is the start of a new era in mobile advertising. It brings transparency and fairness to the market and empowers publishers by giving them a look inside the black box of processes that have previously been hidden. Besides, the technology unleashes the inventory for ad demand sources, which promises a better future for both sides.

Over the next few months, this release will remain a public beta version. Please, go ahead and update your SDK to version 2.4.0 to test Parallel Bidding out for iOS, Android, Corona, and Unity platforms.

Since we’re continuing to scale the technology, we’d be happy if you share your feedback regarding this beta at [email protected].

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