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Integrate one SDK
for unlimited revenue

Integrate with 70+ demand partners all at once
Monetize with diverse mobile ad formats: rewarded videos, full-screen ads, native ads, and banners
Get paid in advance whenever and however you want, including Bitcoin and Ethereum
Compatible with iOS, Android and Amazon as well as Unity, Unreal Engine and Corona frameworks.

Sit back and watch your revenue grow

Start monetizing seamlessly with the help of our 24/7 support
Let our ad mediation algorithm do all the work for you
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Best-in-class performance

Earn top revenue
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Get highest ad bids for each impression
Expand inventory to high earning programmatic ads
Reduce latency and battery drain

Boost your UA results
with less effort

Align your user acquisition strategy with your desired revenue outcomes.

For maximized efficiency and ROAS, stream our ad LTV data to your user acquisition channels for automatic optimization of your UA campaigns.

Fast data-driven decisions

Gain actionable analytics
that’s above and beyond

All-in-one Analytics Dashboard

No need to visit multiple dashboards.

Appodeal gathers the analytics of all your demand sources into one convenient spot.

Easily take care of all your monetization businesses, like request payouts, directly through Appodeal.

Impression-Level Ad Revenue Insights

Get a deeper and more connected view of your metrics by data streaming your ad revenue analytics at the impression and user level.

Find out which of your UA channels and campaigns attracted your most profitable users and see how many ads to show per session for optimal balance of revenue and user retention. 


This premium feature will be available to all users very soon.
LTV and Ad LTV Forecasting

Know your total LTV with confidence by including ad LTV.

Make adjustments to your UA campaigns and traffic source ahead of time based on our LTV predictions so your LTV:CAC ratio is always favorable.


This premium feature will be available to all users very soon.
Quick and Robust Product A/B Testing

Considering making a change to your app? First see how the change can affect your overall revenue by conducting A/B tests and tracking the overall LTV.

The variables for A/B testing are limitless. Even the default difficulty level of a game can be A/B tested before rolling it out to all users.


This premium feature will be available to all users very soon.
Waterfall A/B Testing

A/B test your various waterfall configurations to see which setups can deliver you the best LTV results.

This premium feature will be available to all users very soon.

Check our dashboard features right now in this demo:


Plus everything you need
for your apps to take off

Accelerated Payouts

Get paid in advance whenever you want (or every 30 days)

24/7 Technical Support

Here to take care of you whenever you need integration or troubleshooting support

Audience and Placement A/B Testing

Use data to find your optimal audience segmentation and ad placement setup faster

Direct Deal Ad Server

Easily run direct deal campaigns with precise targeting

Smart Cross-Promo 

Grow your app portfolio automatically without cannibalizing ad revenue

“Reward” Control

Adjust your rewarded video’s “reward” directly through Appodeal

Case study

Turborilla increases ARPDAU by 18% with Appodeal’s full waterfall control mediation

“Transitioning from working with individual networks to Appodeal was smooth for our team and made things so much easier for us. Our fill rate and eCPMs improved, as well as our overall revenue. And we no longer have to manage ad waterfalls. It’s working out really well.”

Bryan Stealey, CMO at Turborilla

"Easily the best app monetization platform by far."

Adrian G., G2 Crowd Review

"I recommend Appodeal to everyone!"

CEO MadOut Games

"Our company has been using Appodeal for over two years now. After switching over to Appodeal, our game’s ad revenue almost doubled! "

Founder/CEO Lunapp Mobile Games

"We started using Appodeal since it launched and never regretted the decision."

Protey Games

"Appodeal stands out among others with their fast responsive support. "

CEO of JagPlay


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