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Rewarded Video

User-initiated ads where users can earn in-app rewards in exchange for viewing a video ad.

  • Very popular with users
  • Highest eCPM ad format
  • Can boost user experience
  • Great introduction to in-app currencies
  • VAST 2.0/3.0 and VPAID supported
  • Server callback supported to prevent fraudulent repeated views

Rich Interstitial

Attention-grabbing full-screen ad that can be interactive and even playable.

  • Hottest new ad format
  • High eCPM ad format
  • Engaging for users
  • Higher rate of ad conversions

Static Interstitial

Attention-grabbing full-screen ad with a static ad display

  • Good eCPM ad format
  • Ideal as a transitional ad placement
  • Popular format for advertisers

Video Ad

Full-screen ad that engages users with a captivating video

  • High eCPM ad format
  • Popular with traditional and brand advertisers

Native Ad

Ad format that seamlessly fits within the context of an app’s content

  • Not distracting to users
  • Nice for user experience
  • Ideal for scrollable contents


Traditional ad format that neatly places a small ad at the top or bottom of the screen

  • Highest earning ad format due to its high volume of ad impressions and frequencies
  • A lot of advertisers still use this format
  • Fastest delivery time

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