Appodeal’s Accelerator Program

Let us fund, grow and monetize your app on your behalf.

Focus on what you do best — creating awesome apps.

Together, we can turn your app into a top earning hit.

What Accepted Apps Will Receive

Made an awesome app? Great! Here’s how we can help you make it profitable.

Funding for UA and development

Appodeal will offer you funding (out of $30 million available each year) to continue to develop your app and to acquire new users once your most promising app is ready for accelerated growth.

Advanced data insights

We will provide you with exclusive market benchmarks to improve your retention rate, ARPDAU, LTV, and other crucial metrics, as well as new apps ideas that will bring more money to the table.

Monetization optimization

Our team will help you with your monetization setup and tests for optimal ad LTV per user.

UA optimization

Our team will help you run your user acquisition campaigns and optimize them so that each new user acquired results in net positive revenue.

UA creative production

Our in-house creative team will help you create playable ads and video ads, among other formats, that will drive more new users to your app.

Accelerated revenue growth

After our team has successfully aligned and optimized your monetization and UA mechanics, you will see your app’s users and revenue growth accelerated.

Finally, Your Own 


What’s unique about this accelerator program is that it is NOT like a traditional publishing opportunity. Instead, you get all of the benefits above and you get to keep your app and its IP (intellectual property) as 100% yours.

Plus, you get to keep most of the revenue.

“Think of this program as a self-publishing platform. We simply provide our expertise and our technologies to give indie app developers the edge they need to turn their app into a top earning hit.”

Pavel Golubev
Founder of Appodeal

Pilot App Success Story

Wordbakers Reached #1: Now Earns Over $2,000 Each Day

Having our game be accelerated by the Appodeal team was a game changer. With their team’s help in managing and optimizing our UA and monetization, our first gaming app WordBakers recently reached #1 word game on Google Play in our launch market of Russia. In just a few months, our game started earning us over $2,000 each day. For a small indie team like ours, the results so far were unimaginable! We can’t wait to see the Appodeal team continue to make our game a popular hit around the world.

CEO of NewPubco


Mini faq

What are you looking for in a game?

For the second cohort of this program, we have a preference for hypercasual games, classic board games, puzzle games and word games. If your games do not fall within these categories, we encourage you to still apply with your most promising mobile game. Why? Because we are also actively seeking promising partner studios to create the games that fit our success criteria, which we can then eventually accept into the accelerator program.

We can only accept games created using Android, iOS, Unity, Solar2D (previously Corona Labs) and React Native frameworks.

How much will I earn from this program?

Generally, you can expect your earnings to grow gradually and then exponentially as your app progresses through the accelerator program. During the initial period, our team helps to set up and optimize the monetization aspects while running test UA campaigns until each new user acquired brings in net positive revenue for your app. The sooner that is reached, the sooner we can accelerate your app’s user base and earnings.

For the pilot app of this program, we took an app that earned $0 to over $1,000 each day in just two months and we are still in the process of scaling that higher. If accepted to the program, our team will accelerate your app to grow and earn as much as possible — without limitations.

How do I become a partner studio?

Just apply by submitting your most promising app! Even if your app doesn’t fall under one of the game categories we are seeking at the moment, we will review it. If we see potential in your team, we will reach out to you to discuss further about becoming one of our partner studios. If your studio can deploy quickly and is open to building new games based on the success criterias we will share with you, then please submit your game!

How is this different from publishing?

With this accelerator program, you get the best that comes with publishing, such as UA and development funding, monetization and user acquisition. However, unlike with traditional publishing, you get to keep your app and its IP (intellectual property) as completely yours. Your team gets to keep their creative and development freedom. You can think of this program as your own self-publishing platform.

Do I need to use Appodeal to apply?

Nope! You can still apply. However, your chances of being accepted into the program will be much higher and faster if you integrate Appodeal’s ad mediation SDK (either before or after you apply).

As a part of the evaluation process, we will evaluate your app’s retention rate and ad revenue performance metrics that we gathered primarily through Appodeal’s ad mediation SDK.

Please sign up for free to Appodeal using the same email address of your application so we can keep track of your application and its metrics. Be sure to integrate the SDK into the app you’ve applied with.

It shouldn’t take more than an hour to complete the SDK integration.

Can I submit a prelaunched game?

Yup! We will still review your game. If we see potential in it, we may ask you to do a soft launch so we can run a small test UA campaign to acquire more initial users. That way we can gather and evaluate its retention rate data for acceptance into the program.

How many games will be accepted?

For the first cohort of the program, last quarter (Q2) we were accepting up to 30 promising apps. The deadline for the first cohort has passed on June 30, 2020.

For the second cohort, this quarter (Q3) we are accepting up to 50 promising apps. 

Maybe it will be one of yours? You’ll never know unless you apply, so submit your game sooner than later!

The last date to apply is September 30, 2020.




Submit your most promising mobile game in the form below.



Our team will review your game and its metrics. More steps may be requested to obtain the metrics.



If your game is a good fit, we will reach out to you for more information.



If all looks good, we start getting to work to accelerate your app.

Appodeal’s Accelerator Program

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Applications are now being accepted for the second cohort for Q3.
Last date to apply is September 30, 2020.