Accelerator Program for Promising Apps

Made an awesome app? But don’t know what to do next? We can help.

Let us fund, market and monetize your app on your behalf, so you can focus on what you do best — creating awesome apps.

Together, let’s turn your app into a top earning hit!

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What Accepted Apps Will Receive

Monetization optimization

Our team will help you set up and test your monetization setup so your app’s ad LTV for each user is at its optimal level.

Advanced analytics setup

 Our team will help place the necessary analytics tracking of your app’s performance, retention rates, cohort analysis, LTV, ARPDAU, user segmentations, product and waterfall a/b testing, and more to make sure all the relevant data are tracked and aligned.

Funding for UA and development

Appodeal will offer you funding to continue to develop your app and to acquire new users once your most promising app is ready to grow sustainably.

UA creative production

Our in-house creative team will help you create playable ads and video ads, among other formats, that will drive more new users to your app.

UA optimization

Our team will help you run your user acquisition campaigns and optimize them so that the cost per user is consistently lower than your user’s LTV. This will result in net positive revenue for each new user acquired.

Your Self-Publishing Platform 

This is not a publishing opportunity. You get to keep your app as your own.

The best part is that this program does not require any payment or you giving up a percentage of your app’s rights or revenue share.

We simply provide our expertise and our technologies.

Accelerator program for promising apps

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