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Parallel Bidding

The header bidding solution for mobile apps has arrived.

Find out how we are using this revolutionary technology to earn you the highest paying ads in real-time for each impression.

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Take full control of your monetization strategy with Appodeal’s complete suite of tools

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We are not affiliated with any ad networks nor advertisers. >We do not have our own internal ad marketplace. That means we have no incentive to prioritize any ad networks.

Our 100% unbiased ad mediation only finds and serves ads that bring the most revenue for publishers.

Putting Mobile App Publishers First Since 2014

More than just an ad monetization platform, since the beginning, we have been on a mission to empower mobile app publishers.

How? By providing a reliable monetization partnership that always puts publishers first through our firm commitment to being transparent, convenient, stable, innovative and unbiased in ad mediation.



“We are highly satisfied with the service that Appodeal is providing us with. Since Appodeal has a lot of ad sources available in its mediation, it’s easy to integrate and it has helped us significantly improve ad performance and revenue.”

CEO of Heatherglade

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