Programmatic mediation
1) Made by app developers

Made for app developers by app development veterans. We know your pain.
2) Immediate payouts

Get paid monthly or at any time upon request — fast and absolutely secure.
3) Automatic optimization

Tracks down the most profitable ads everywhere on the market.
4) One simple SDK.
Instant setup

SDK is only 10 lines of code and takes less than an hour to integrate.
Average weekly eCPM:
Sec1b 6
Total optimized:
Sec1b 5
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Focus on creating unique & engaging apps.
We will take care of the monetization.
Daily payouts
It is simple:

1. Request

App sends request to Appodeal.

2. Compare

Appodeal receives offers from ad networks & RTB exchanges and compares them in real time.

3. Analyse

Appodeal tracks user interests and behaviour.

4. Display

The most profitable ad on the market is displayed.

It's all about final revenue.
Higher bid from advertiser does not mean higher revenue.
We serve ads based on revenue, rather than bids from advertisers.
One account, one SDK, all networks
One account

to control your publishing
campaigns. No need to sign up on every network.


It's only 10 lines of code and takes less than 1 hour to integrate.

All advertisers

from all major
ad networks and exchanges.

Automatic ads optimization
Automatic blacklisting

Low performing advertisers will be automatically blacklisted.

Looking up optimal ad networks
Tracking user behavior

Interests, demographics, machine learning.

Everything on the Admob side appears to be working fine. My interstitial ecpm has pretty much tripled through them so I'm not too worried about it and it looks like everything was applied correctly, especially considering it is working. I'm not really worried about it showing up on the dashboard because overall everything has improved, was more or less just curious if the stats are supposed to show up there also.
Ryan Joslin
Gun Shot - Sounds
Simple integration
Our SDK is only 10 lines of code

and takes less
than 1 hour to integrate

all major frameworks

Check out our integration guide. It's that simple.

I have been getting some good eCPM from you guys
Hafeez Azam
Train Simulator 3D
San Francisco Moscow